Our Environmental Commitments

What we do ?

Hôtel des Fleurines
Hôtel des Fleurines


  • Automatic lights in all communal areas.
  • Use of low consumption bulbs, in 85% of the hotel.
  • Double-glazing on all the door and windows.
  • 100 % of all water for sanitary use is heated by Electricity.
  • Better control ofroom's temperature by the use of a central controlledreversible air-conditioning system.
  • Installation of a COP heat pump, increasing energy efficiency.
  • Installation of a double flow controlled mechanical ventilation system.
  • A system, which allows us to switch the electricity off in each room as soon as the guest has vacated it.
  • A bar in the reception area rather than individual minibars in each room.


  • Flow reducers(water/air)on taps in the bathrooms.


  • Recycling paper, cardboard and glass.
  • Printing on both sides of paper, in black and white, using used paper where possible.
  • Recycling and treatment of used batteries and accumulators.
  • Recycling and treatment of used toner cartridges for the photocopier and ink drums.
  • No magazines in the rooms.
  • Delivery of fruit and vegetables in reusable plastic crates.


  • Favouring local producers and shops in the town centre.
  • Using ecological cleaning products.
  • Favouring suppliers whose approach is eco-friendly.
Hôtel des Fleurines
Hôtel des Fleurines

What you can do to help ?

  • Use public transport without CO emissions (train, bus, bike, electric vehicle).
  • Make sure you switch off all the lights that you are no longer using when you leave the room.
  • Make sure you switch off the heating or air-conditioning when you open the windows.
  • Make sure all electrical appliances in your room are switched-off.
  • Make sure you report any leaks to reception.
  • Follow the instructions in your room (in the bathroom) if you don't wish your towels and sheets to be changed everyday.