Architecture and Design

Hôtel les fleurines
Hôtel les fleurines

Impressive architecture

Discover the hotel's "monumental" facade on one side and on the other side, a Modern facade, in a setting steeped in history.

The buildings, facing eachother, are set in anexceptional area and their renovation needed to take this into account.  The town of Villefranche de Rouergue has to adhere to strict rules and regulations due to its rich heritage.  The challenge was to design a hotel using contemporary architecture in an historical setting.  The project of the architect Fanny GRES, had to take all these elements into account.

The building was restored in traditional style, with repointing and sandblasting, which gives it remarkable charmin the day, but also at night, with its special lighting.  The terrace, with polished concrete benches and tables, are surrounded by olive trees and pines, giving the area harmony, with a wonderful view of the Baroque chapel of the Black Penitents (XVII century).

Hall d'accueil hôtel des Fleurines
Hall d'accueil hôtel des Fleurines

Contemporary Design

Creatingspace, knocking-down walls, when reality and imagination come together.

The colours of black, white, grey, taupe, are reflected by natural light, each room is an open book, open to each new story and each night.  You are free to reserve the space that suits you and which appeals to you the most.  Each area is spacious, light, cleverly designed with elegant and modern furniture. The bathrooms are innovative and communicative.  These are dream rooms.  Take the lift to get to the first floor and discover the 18 rooms, which are fluid and sleek.

A cosy cocoon, in-touch with the outside world

At the hotel we have...

A big, light reception area, dominated by a giant chandelier, designed by Jiminez Vincente Garciale, le "Big Bang".  Black floor, white walls with specks of colour, two concrete-effect pipes, which go through the ceiling and to each floor.  The hall/reception area (50m2) provides luggage deposit, toilets, which meet disabled persons' standards.  There is also a bar and a lounge open to the general public, on the terrace, which looks-out over the l'Hospital St Jacques square as well as the chapel Pénitents Noirs.

Our vegetal wall


The former hospital Saint-Jacques in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, has been brought back to life with its new vegetal coat !

This insulation solution provides heat and acoustic insulation but also adds an aesthetic and ecological element to it.  This modern touch brings back colour to the area.  The choice of each plant has been well thought-out:  the variety, it's position, when it flowers, how resistant each plant is.  The wall changes with each season.  The project carried-out by Fanny GRES and the landscape gardener Caroline DUBOIS is a real architectural success.